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how to remove or replace htm file in master collection I want to add new font I'm using CSS3 TEXT which is enabled in text option in master collection A: If you're looking for the ways to use the font you mentioned in your question, look at this document. This is a full list of the 14 main font-face declarations: font-family Standard font-family-values are supported in CSS 2.1. font-family-generic-fallback A generic font for most browsers. font-family-inherit The font-family of the element. font-family-base The default font-family-value of the element. Note that the value for ‘font-family’ is used when ‘font-family’ is specified. font-family-missing This value specifies that the font is not supported, and that the user should download the font for use. font-family-fallback This value specifies that any font on the local page that is not supported by the browser should be replaced by this generic font. This gives the appearance that the font on the page is not available, but it is in fact the fallback font. font-family-monospace The default font-family-value of the element when it has the ‘font-family’ property and ‘font-family’ is ‘monospace’. font-family-trademark A personal use font. font-family-alternates A font that is not one of the other values above and that is only available on some system. font-family-unknown A user-defined font. font-family-apple-system A font that is only available on Apple systems, e.g. on the iPhone. font-family-bold A bold font. font-family-regular A font that is not bold. font-family-light A light font. font-family-medium A medium font. font-family-semibold A semibold font. A font that is very regular, but where the characters are spaced together as if they were on a typewriter. font-family-default




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